Types of Wine

Most wines were kept in vessels called Amphoras. These were used to store and further age the wine, once it was ready for consumption, the wine was transferred from the Amphora to a Krater to be diluted with water.

Amphoras were also used in the transportation of wine, wealthier citizens would often import their wine from specific regions during the different seasons. These vessels came in a variety of sizes, the smaller ones were often seen in household settings, while the more massive version were held in taverns or during symposia.

The storage of the wine depended on the type of wine that was being created. Combined, the Romans and Greeks had over 50 types of wine, all consumed for different purposes and occasions.

Below is a list of commonly consumed wines:

PassumRaisin wine, made from nearly completely dried grapes. It's most prized variety was imported from Crete.

CalenianHailing from Cales, made from a large grape and the wine was considered lighter on the stomach than other wines.

MustumA low quality grape juice, mixed with vinegar and drank fresh after pressing. Usually consumed by slaves and some commoners.

Vinum DulceA sweet wine, made from dried grapes that were pressed in the heat of the day

Vinum Pramnian: A Greek wine that was considered harsh, astringent and remarkably strong.