Food and Drink

The Roman Caupona was equivalent to the modern day Inn, featuring beds to sleep in as well as food and drink to eat. Cauponae not only offered the weary traveler a place to stay and eat, but also allowed the traveler to socialize and sometimes enjoy entertainment. In many establishments the owner or manager of the caupona often stood in the doorway trying to lure customers into the caupona. The establishments offered more than a dozen rooms to stay in, and food in the restaurants was not only catered towards inn goers, but the general public too. Common food and drink included bread and multiple types of hot food, as well as many different types of wines and alcoholic beverages. Depending on the caupona, everything from cheap wine and beer to more lavish complicated drinks were served. Various cooled drinks could also be served. The image above displays a Caupona bar counter, where large jugs of wine were most likely kept. Travelers could also dine on a piece of meat. Overall the cauponae was catered towards lower class members of society, and offered more than just a place to eat and sleep.