Wine Cup with the Suicide of Ajax

While neither wine cups or Ajax have anything directly to do with vegetarianism, this piece summarizes a profound social implication of bean-eating in antiquity.  

Originally, Pythagoras condemned the eating of beans as, when dried, they resembled human faces and genetalia, so he extrapolated that if beans resembled humans, they must contain human souls.  By eating beans and subsequentally human souls, one would be considered a cannibal.  

Followers of Pythagoras have created their own reasons for nor eating beans.  Beans were often used as a way to count votes, as depicted by the pile of "stones" around the body of Ajax.  The word for "ballot" was even derived from the word for beans.  Many chose not to eat beans because they became representative of democracy and government, so the ingestion of beans was a disrepect to the political system established in Greece.