Vegetarian Sacrifices

Meat was the ultimate sacrificial food item; it was prestigious and its cost often mirrored its value. However, vegetarian sacrifices fell under the"bloodless sacrifices." A distinct example is the altar of Apollo Genetor in Delos where only barley and wheat were offered but there were no animals killed. This is considered the only place where Pythagoras worshipped. Besides grains, people in antiquity would  sacrifice cakes, breads, fruit, vegetables, drinks, and spices. People in antiquity would burn incense or cakes for their offerings. Some of these sacrifices would take place in the home or under religious housing. This object displays a wine sacrifice.

Followers of Pythagoras would offer dried figs, olive pomace, and cheese the most; these objects were considered the finest food items that they could sacrifice. The specificity in food items seems to suggest a type of orderliness and form to how vegetarians in antiquity gave offerings to the deities.