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A krater is usually a large vessel used to mix wine and water in ancient Greece. This particular piece was found in modern day France and is believed to show evidence of trade within western Europe and the Mediterranean

This large plate is a red-umber color. It has carved handles that mimic that of Roman metal serving dishes, with an impression of it's creator, Sabinianus, in the middle.

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This is a lamp handle from the 2nd Century A.D. Depicted is the seated Zeus Serapis, holding a scepter in one hand, the other hand rested on Cerberus, the guard dog of Hades.

A hybrid spoon-knife crafted with silver and gold.

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Containers and Vessels; Vessels; Lekythoi

This is a digital reconstruction of a triclinium of the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii. It contains three kline, wall murals on all the visible walls, and a table used to share food. The floor is patterned with black and white geometric squares.

Wall painting from the house of Julia Felix depicting a table with a bowl of fruits and a jar of wine. Next to it, a jar of dried fruit.

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Clement of Alexandria's oldest manuscript today is the Arethas Codex which includes all three volumes of Paedagogus. The treatise, "Paedagogus," translates to "instructor" or "tutor"; this book is dedicated to illustrate Jesus Christ as the supreme…

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This is a map made using Pleiades software the depicts the Indo-Roman trade between key cities and ports. It also shows the Roman road system under the Roman Empire.

This map depicts various sea and land trade routes that existed between the Indian subcontinent and the Roman Empire. It also includes information about the various things traded, like spices.
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