Greeks and Romans drank for religious, social, and medical purposes. They drank during festivals and social gatherings. The cult of Dionysus was also very active and drank much more than the rest of the people. There were several festivals in honor of the god of wine where people drank. Symposiums also had wine and drinking games such as kottabos. The medical use of wine was also important to the Greeks, including Hippocrates, who used wine as a cure for fevers and as an antiseptic. Some people even believed that drinking among Greek soldiers was good because it drew away from fear. It encouraged most of the soldiers to be brave in battle. Some Roman legionnaires also drank wine before they went into battle because they thought it mitigated the bad effects of impure water. The Greeks were also aware of the negative effects of drinking. They knew about how alcohol causes hangovers and they had their own remedies for it.